Sunday, August 28, 2011


So a couple of weekends ago my friend Chuckie got married. It was a great wedding followed by feast and dance that evening. Nat came up from Inuvik and went to the feast and dance along with moi. She had lots of fun as well. We all danced the night away.
  Since then its been work work work. My contract in McPherson is up on the 5th of Sept and is in the process of being renewed but it is not complete yet. Should be soon I would imagine.
 Last night there was a anniverasary/birthday party with an 80s theme. It was a good time with lots of laughs and good food and good people. Now I am here at work on this Sunday afternoon
 Not alot to update about really. The Blue Jays are struggling right now and lost 10-0 today. Oh well September will be good to see who they call up. Hopefully some exciting prospects.
  Well I am going to finish work for the day peace

Friday, August 19, 2011

Out of The Box Came.....ME

I was sitting home on my couch Weds night After work when all of a sudden this girl I know came in my house and said come on lets go. I said Where?  Her: to Delores your going to dance for Alex. I was like NO WAY. Then they convinced me to do it. So I got down there and they put me in this box dressed in these girly pants with a black thong on top of it and a spaghetti strap shirt. so When Alex got there and opened the box I got out of it and proceeded to attempt to give her some sort of dance. While then there was 40 people there watching and yelling and laughing. I know for sure its on video camera to. Those girls better have enjoyed themselves since I ve gotten teased bout it for 3 days now. Oh well I hope it made Alexs night memorable

Friday, August 5, 2011


 Well Brett Lawrie made his much anticipated MLB debut tonight for th Blue Jays. Went 2 for 4 with and RBI in a 5-4 win. I would say thats a good start to the ole career. Man however watching that bullpen is going to give me a heart attack soon. After blowing the game yesterday against Tampa, Rauch came in tonight with  a 2 run lead and of course had to give up a run to make me nervous but at least they won.

  Anways just gonna take it easy tonight and see whats in store later I guess.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Maybe my longest blog entry

Well I have been thinking of writing on this subject for quite awhile now but did not feel the time was right or that I would be able to find the proper words or context to write about it
   Since I am not from Fort McPherson I didnt have the the priviledge of knowing Jonathon Andre well. I believe I met him once when he and his father James delivered some Christmas Hampers for us at the Co-op. I'm sure that James offered to do this so he could drive his spanking new truck around lol.
  All I knew of him was he was a boxer from here and that he had lived a life of wrong choices and had turned his life over to Christ and was doing a great job as an ambassador for Jesus and as a role model for the youth of not only Fort McPherson but all over. I still recall when I came back in March and James picked me up at the airport and the great talk we had while driving back to McPherson about Jonathon and Christ and the wish of Jonathon to bring the good news to young people here who may have been struggling or going down the same road he had travelled.
 I was here when Jonathon had his first pro fight and remember feeling proud to be living here like everyone else was when he won his first two fights.
  I remember just three months after I came back sitting at the complex for Jonathons memorial service and being inspired and moved by the preaching of Pastor Pruden and the testimony that Jonathon spoke of. The testimony of grace and forgiveness. He didn't only speak it. He lived it as well. I remember Pastor challenging us who were there to embrace the truth as the Truth shall make you free. It can and will free you from the anger, hurt and unforgiveness in our lives. Jonathon spoke of this in his testimony when recalling how he was praying for the man who had murdered his sister years prior.
   Those words about wanting our lives to make a difference and to someone the young people in town can turn to when they need to talk or need help touched me as I want to be known as someone who when people need help that they can know I was there for them.
   The Bible says Nothing we can do or have ever done can seperate us from the Love Christ has for us. For me this is such comfort because I am far from perfect and knowing no matter how much I screw up that I God never gives up on me. I really want the legacy of Jonathon to shine in my life even though I didnt know him. I want to be a forgiving person, a loving person, a person who tried to make a difference in the lives of people I came into contact with.
  Again I was reminded of this by the testimony of Canadian boxing Champ Kris Andrews who travelled similar roads to Jonathon and also found grace, freedom and forgiveness through Christ, The Time has come people of McPherson for self examination.The time has come to let go of the hurt in each of our lives, The anger and sadness and unforgiveness. Its time to let that go its only hurting ourselves.
  I went through my parents seperating even though my dad was a pastor and being a follower of Christ, a time of me being so angry at God for not answering my prayers the way I wanted. I went through a time of addiction and suicide attempts and bad relationships only to find that void in my life was still there. Eventually after years of prayers and love from many people and me realizing that God loved me and would still forgive me for the way I had been living was I able to work through the unforgiveness, bitterness and hatred that had consumed me. I have found time and time again that God is faithful. He always shows up right on time even when we don't deserve it.
  So Having travelled down some of the same issues as many other people if the Lord can use me to help someone or to inspire a group of people to know they to can overcome whatever issues are in their lives then I am willing. I have had the opportunity to share my story both to groups and individuals and I believe they were helped and encouraged. I believe its important to share our stories of trials and victories as the Bible Says we defeat Satan by our lives and by the words of our testimony.

  Anyways this is alot longer then I intended so I hope this can encourage people and let them know that you to can make it no matter what is going on in your life right now.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Finally updating and my Midway Report

Well I figured it is time to finally update my blog. As most of you know I have been in McPherson again since the first part of March working again for the Co-op here. I have been extremely busy and at times it has been challenging however it is not to bad overall. Again John the boss who was here when I got here retired due to health reasons. He and his wife left on the 16th of July. My new Boss Conrad and his wife Fran came in and seem to be good people who I enjoy working for so far.
     Other then work I have not been doing alot of extra stuff. I played in a basketball league when I got back which ended at the end of May. I also still play bingo once in awhile. I dont go out to often as there is lots of drama round here that I like to avoid as much as possible.
     This weekend is Midway Weekend here in the area. It is a huge weekend of camping, music,dancing etc. It takes place about 40 km outside McPherson.  Due to it only being one weekend a year our staff all decided to go to Midway and forget about work so Conrad Fran and I and once cashier worked all weekend.
    Speaking of Midway , since I moved here back in 2009 my friends and people from town have been telling me how great it is and that I have to go. So yesterday my good friend Nathalie and her friend Samantha came from Inuvik and after I got off work we went up. Wow what beautiful scenery on the way there. The view when driving the delta was amazing. So when we got to Midway Lake we walked around checked it all out and listened to some of the bands playing. Nat and I decided to enter a square dance together which I am sure we made a fool of ourselves but it was fun. I also jigged with couple elders which was fun. Around midnight we decided we should head back into town, So we came back and went to sleep. This morning I got up and cooked the girls breakfast and round noon they dropped me off at work and headed on their way back to Inuvik. I imagine I will be heading down there in a couple weeks or so for a weekend. I need to get out of Mcpherson for a couple days before I get to "bushed" as they say here.
  My contract is supposed to end at the end of August so I am hoping between now and then it gets extended so I can stay and work. I dont know what I am going to do if it doesn't. Oh well I will worry about that when the time comes. No use getting worked up now.
  Anyways I dont have much else to write about write now other then I promise to try and update more frequently for the 5 people who read this.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yes I am Alive

Well I am almost halfway done my 3 months up here so decided it would be good to update on whats been up.
 I left Fredericton on March 8 and got to Mcpherson on March 9. Since then I have been busy. The first two weeks the boss was away so I was acting manager as soon as I got here. That wasnt to bad although I had to get a few reminders on how to do some of the paperwork. Alot of people back here were happy I was back. They missed me I guess. So work has been steady. The store was way overstocked when I came and needed to be straightened out as there was lots to do. I think now we are finally getting caught up and the grocery shelfs looking good. Other then working I have played some bingo and cards every now and then. I did manage to win 1 Bingo game lol.
 So I am just starting to look around and see what opportunities are out there for June when my contract ends here. I am not sure if it will be extended or what so its good to be prepared in any case.
 The weather was good when I got here but was cold all of last week. Now its back to being warm again. I notice now it is light out until after 11 or so. The ice road will be out soon and then we will be isolated here for 6 to 8 weeks. Once that is done it will be time for me to come home or go to work somewhere else.
  There is going to be a federal election in a few weeks in case u didnt know. Thats all I will say bout that.
Well it is 1230 here so I guess that will wrap up this update. I promise to be more frequent with my updates from now on. Peace

Friday, February 25, 2011

2 weeks to update and the world is changing still

Well I am getting harassed to update so I figured I should. Not sure what I am going to update about but I will think of something.
  I wrote last time about the uprising in Egypt. Well since the success of the Egyptian people in chasing out their own leader riots have broken out in many middle eastern countries demanding their leadership resign. The one gaining the most attention is in Lybia where the government has ordered its army to kill and arrest innocent protesters. The leader of this country after listening to him speak I have come to the conclusion he is insane. He blames the uprising on Osama Bin Laden and said that he has slipped a hallucinogenic substance into the liquids of the citizens. This might be one of the weirdest things I have ever heard. I hope the violence being put on these innocent people is stopped and the people are able to successfully become a democratic society.
Also I read today that CBS has cancelled Two and a Half Men due to a crazy rambling on the radio by Charlie Sheen. This poor man needs help. First he has a cocaine filled party then he failed to go to rehab. Now he is lipping the producer and writer for the show. I feel for Denise Richards who is raising his kids alone. However if she needs help she can def call me.
  I was deathly ill last week with tonsilitis and bronchitis. I am now over that but my mom is deathly sick. I think she caught what I had
Tammy is well On Valentines Day She came over and I cooked us dinner and then we spent some time together which was nice. Sadly we havent been able to see each other since. Hopefully this weekend.Although this weekend they are calling for a big storm coming and I see that it is snowing outside now. Supposed to get 30 cm or so. Should be interesting to see how much we get. I can bet less then they are calling for

Well thats all I can think to blog about for now